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High Quality Printed Barcode Labels


An essential part of many, if not all, commercial businesses and manufacturers is barcode labels. These codes are crucial for the effective management of stock and assets in a company. With the appropriate complementary equipment barcodes can be used to keep track of inventory, track items and process sales.

With the use of advanced digital printing technologies, self adhesive labels can now be used for barcodes. Digital prints guarantee a more sharp, focused and high quality end product. This is highly necessary for barcodes because if the print is not clear enough, the code won’t scan and it causes a significant predicament for the successful functioning of a business.


A Variety of Digital Labels from Labelservice


Labelservice are UK leading digital label providers, who produce a range of custom label designs and styles, including barcode labels. Through their state of the art printing process, they can produce a multitude of unique barcodes all on the same run. As you are aware, barcodes can be distinguished by their unique number and sequence pattern.

Previous label printing techniques of the past involved manually changing printing presses for each variable label design. Today, multiple custom labels can be printed in one go, making for a much more efficient process and quicker deliveries.

The Labelservice team work directly with their clients to produce a label you can be proud of and confident in its functionality. What sets them apart from other label printing companies is their desire to offer excellent customer service. Combined with their extensive industry knowledge, high quality labels and market leading prices, Labelservice are exceptional label producers who strive to have happy customers.

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