Avoid Accidents With Chemical Labels

Many accidents involving chemicals can be avoided when chemical liquid bottles are labelled properly. Avoid accidents with chemicals by marking them correctly with chemical labels. By following a few safety tips you can keep the chance of chemical accidents occurring to a minimum.

Pay Attention To Chemical Labels

Whenever you work with highly concentrated chemical materials, make sure you pay careful attention when you handle them. Most accidents involving chemicals happen in the process of cleaning up after working with them. Dangerous spillages can occur, and hazardous gasses can be released from certain chemicals.

Always double check the label of a chemical substance before using it. You can’t assume a substance is non-hazardous just by the colour or size of the bottle, which is why chemical labels are highly important.

Adding Proper Chemical Labels On Bottles

If you work in a lab, you need to be sure that chemical labels are put on each bottle, box or any other container with chemicals inside. Accidents often happen because chemical products are placed in incorrect or unlabelled containers. It is vital that when chemicals are poured into different containers, the correct labels are attached to inform others of their contents.

At LabelService we offer many different types of chemical labels ranging from tactile warning labels, to warning diamonds, to chemical booklet labels. We also offer bespoke label services, allowing you to include information about your business together with your logo on the labels.  

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