Asset Labels from Labelservice


Asset Labels to Identify and Protect


If you’re a commercial company, organisation or manufacturer looking for a way to keep track of and protect your valuable belongings, asset labels could be the perfect solution. Personal property holds a significant amount of value, particularly for organisations were they rely on the sale of assets as part of their business or have a limited supply of things at their disposal.These custom printed labels hold so much more value than standard, digitally printed labels. The adhesive used is very strong, making them difficult to remove in one piece. Through this you can easily identify if an asset is yours.

Labelservice are a UK leading supplier of digitally printed labels. They differentiate themselves by offering all their clients a first class service and excellent advice on designs after years of industry experience. They work together with you to create the custom printed labels you’re looking for.


Customised Label Designs from Labelservice


This applies to all the label types they provide, which includes asset labels. Labelservice can produce a high quality printed label with customised information printed on it. This can include company names, addresses, tracking codes, barcodes and brand logos/images.

With these easily applicable labels you needn’t worry about locating the perpetrator of theft, if you should ever be so unlucky. Your property can be swiftly identified and if you choose to have barcodes on the label, taking inventory will be so much easier.

With state of the art digital printing technologies being used at Labelservice and highly skilled designers and engineers of labels, they can provide a variety of top notch labels at market leading prices.

To learn more about getting custom made labels, contact them today.

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