LEGO Window stickers

All About Window Stickers

If you’ve got a storefront or walk-in office, window decals can be an easy way to convey information to passers-by – even when your business is closed. Store hours, sales, social media information, free WiFi, and other info can be easily displayed using custom window decals. We offer a variety of materials and styles to help you create a professional looking design for your business.

There are different ways to display information via your windows. From decals and stickers that go on the surface to ones that are pasted inside the windows, they differ in many ways. However, the peel-and-stick motion for both inside glass decals and standard surface stickers remains the same. The design and placement are where they differ from each other. Here’s helping you understand the basic difference between these two, making it easier for you to choose between them.

The major difference lies in the placement of inside decals because they are placed inside the glass window. Generally, such decals are used to promote store sales and seasonal store discounts. The purpose of using these decals is to make them visible from the outside while placing them inside. The adhesive of these glass stickers is usually on the front and the design is printed on the back. The design is generally printed on clear vinyl material, which makes it show through the front. Opaque window decals are a more popular form of standard glass decals. For inside opaque decals, a layer of white ink goes behind the design, giving it an opaque appearance. For every opaque sticker to be placed inside the window, it will have a coloured background and a print on the rear side that is visible in the front.

Inside glass stickers are also known as reverse stickers or second surface stickers. A very big advantage of using these custom decals/stickers is that it is safe from constant exposure to many external elements. This makes them last longer and look as crisp as new, once installed. The window stickers and decals that are installed on the outer surface of the windows are called standard decals. They have adhesive on the back of the sticker design. The most common types of glass decals used externally are perforated decals and frosted decals. A standard feature of these glass decals is that they are usually weather-resistant, which makes them resistant to many external elements. It is advisable to choose perforated glass decals if you want one-way visibility. So, they allow you to see from inside the glass but offer complete privacy from the outside. On the other hand, frosted window decals obscure visibility completely.