Domed Labels, Domed Sticker Label

Advantages of Using Dome Labels

First impressions are vital within the working environment, forcing companies to employ any marketing strategy to make their businesses stand out from the crowd. Labelling is one of those marketing strategies that effectively inform customers of your brand, although making it stand out is another job on its own. This is why domed badges were created to help businesses market their brand to a customer in a way that will solicit their attention and get a message across simply yet effectively.

Domed labels are manufactured through the latest technology that coats a clear, flexible urethane which produces a 3-D appearance with a glossy finish to elevate the label to make it stand out. It also creates a texture which is appealing, durable and flexible.

There is no denying that domed labels are attractive and eye-catching, which is exactly what you need if you want people to take notice. The 3D aesthetic adds depth to the product and contributes hugely to this appeal, which is further enhanced by the glossy look of the label. The aesthetic value of these products is high, then, as doming them can take an already great-looking label to new heights.

Domed labels have the ability to withstand various deterioration factors such as high UV, chemical exposure and other sorts of environmental extremes. They are scratch and heat resistant, and the colour will never fade, making them long-lasting and consistently effective for indoor and outdoor usage.

They have a three-dimensional effect and tactile surface which is highly noticeable and is an instant advantage over your competitors. One of the great things about these types of labels is that not only they look good, but they also feel good to touch. Many people are attracted to the shiny, smooth feel of domed labels and badges, which is fantastic, as it makes them want to go ahead and touch them. This, of course, adds to their marketability!

The 3D element of a domed label offers something special in addition to a great aesthetic. Its dimensionality helps to make your logo, text or branding stand out from the crowd. It’s crucial that your message is unique and pops out, as standing apart from the competition can give you a boost in profit when it comes to business. Doming a label or badge can help to make it more interesting and contemporary.