Laboratory Labels

Product Features

  • Manufactured bespoke to your requirements
  • Large range of face materials
  • Low temperature labels – cryogenics, deep freeze
  • High temperature labels – Kapton, autoclaving

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Our durable labels enable the easy identification of tubes, vials, slides, specimens, glassware and laboratory equipment of all shapes and sizes. Variable data such as sequential numbers and barcodes can be added using your existing PC and laser, thermal transfer or dot matrix printer. We have developed the widest range of durable label substrates, all overprintable using thermal transfer, laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers. The unique coatings ensure the clear capture of your variable data whilst maximising print durability. Our labels are resistant to extreme temperatures (-200 °C to +400 °C), chemicals and solvents, cleaning agents, autoclaving, sterilisation, humidity, steam and long or external storage . The range of high performance adhesives include : – Permanent adhesive for long term bonding; – Removable adhesive to leave a clean surface ; – Aqueous adhesive specifically formulated for bonding to moist/damp surfaces; – Tamper resistant/security to show that removal, or attempted removal, has taken place; – Water soluble adhesive dissolves when immersed in water; – Adhesives suitable for frozen surfaces for labelling straight out of the freezer; – Specialist high-tack adhesive for lightly textured surfaces; – Heavy duty adhesive for heavily textured surfaces; As well as our bespoke solutions, we also offer a huge range of laboratory labels from stock, ranging from plain white thermal transfer labels, to multi part label sets.